Our Tally Award Picks

Once again, the Tally Awards are upon us! These local awards celebrate the top businesses as voted on by the people of Tallahassee. Before the winners are announced this Friday, Team Driftour (Chelsea and Val) are excited to share our picks in the categories that we love the most. 

Best Coffee Shop/Cafe

    V: There's a barista at RedEye that literally calls me Dirty Chai. I say that because that's how often I go and order a dirty chai and because that's how nice the baristas there are. Honestly, I don't crave anyone's coffee like I crave RedEye's so this is a pretty easy decision for me. Between their dirty chai and the comfort I get in knowing that spending my money there is supporting a triple bottom line I guess you could say I'm a fan. Also, their baristas are paid a living wage. Buying a cup of coffee there makes me feel awesome. And that's a beautiful thing.

File_000 (1).jpeg

    C: Hands down for me is Black Dog. I love their Railroad Square location so much. It's cozy, there's those fantastic popsicles,  how many coffee shops let you transition from coffee to a glass of wine as the day goes on? I also love their unplugged Saturdays, no wifi, just community and conversation.

Best Brewery

GrassLands Brewing Company

   C: You already know what I'm going to say, and so does anyone I've ever met because I can never stop talking about how much I love GrassLands. I love it for many of the same reasons I love Black Dog. They really emphasize a culture of community. Beyond that, I think they have the best beers in town.

   V: That Hopline Bling though!

   C: Right? Their beers are fantastic, the staff always helps me find something new and remembers what I like, and their specialty treatments can't be beat. Also special shout out as they're celebrating their second birthday this weekend!

   V: GrassLands introduced me to their Hopline Bling. And I don't even like IPAs. Seriously, such a great atmosphere and such down to earth staff I recommend it to everyone that comes to visit. 

Best Secret

   C: Because we're so great at sticking with plans, lets just make up a third category of places we love and think folks should try but didn't make the official finalist nominations.

   V: Tally Arepas. And I want to scream this from the mountain tops because I can't believe they haven't had more publicity. It's a little piece of Venezuela right in the center of Tallahassee. I recommend getting anything on the menu as long you get their garlic aioli sauce. (The magic's in the service and in that sauce)

   C: I absolutely love Little Athens Gyro. Their pita fries actually changed my life and nowhere does them as well as George. I definitely have a thing for quaint and cozy family shops. Also I know from experience that if you look like you've had an awful day they'll give you a free small piece of baklava. Great people, great food.

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